Combobox as value help field

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Before opening a new thread I’ll try to revive this one.

We got the same problem with a macro control. Put it into a normal page and the popup window opens normally. But inside a rowtablearea just nothing happens. The server log says something like “no method methodName available in object AdapterClassName”. When I add the name of the macro control’s adapter to as a prefix to the method name (popupmethod=“controlAdapterProperty.methodName”), the log says something like “java.lang.Exception: Property controlAdapterProperty is not supported with AdapterClassName@…”.

IMHO the method call should look like “gridCollectionProp[i].controlAdapterProperty.methodName”. I wonder if we only forgot to call some method in the ProtocolItem when the control XML is created. But when I substitute the macro tag with a normal field, custom popup methods don’t work, either.

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Carsten Habicht