Usage of visibleprop

I’m trying to use an adapter that can use the visibleprop to show or hide variables for users.

I have tried to hide/unhide all the fields, label, and combo boxes on an independent table row and the application will hang in the browser and never display the adapater.

I have also added the visibleprop on the independent table row instead of the fields, and get the same results.

I have even attempted to use the visibleprop on a rowarea instead of the ITR or the fields and still the application hangs up.

If the adapter contains a combodyn2, and you press the enter key while the browser is in limbo, we get a message such as this:

NOSEE 0410 NAT5471 Identifier is not defined in layout /rn2/nosee. - Error code 5471 was received from Natural

We are running Natural 6.3.5 on a HP-UX machine, Application Designer 8.0. and Natural for Ajax version 1.2.4.

Thanks for any insights.


If you have an example for this behavior, could you please open a support request and attach the example?