Setting the popupmethod dynamically


is it possible to set the popupmethod of the field control dynamically?

I constructed a new control by implementing IMacroTagHandler. There I am setting various properties dynamically, in the following manner:

sb.append("<field valueprop='").append(m_valueprop).append("'");
sb.append(" statusprop='").append(m_valueprop).append("_status'");
sb.append(" datatype='").append(m_valueprop).append("_datatype'");

In the adapter I use the function getPropertyValue to setup the field:

  1. If there is a dynamically created list of valid values available, the field should display a value helper (openIdValueCombo).
  2. If not the field should behave and look like a normal field.
  3. If the datatype is set to date or datetime the field should display the calender control.

For the first two cases it works when I set popupmethod=‘openIdValueCombo’ in the handler class and evaluate popupprop dynamically. But the calender is not displayed for the date fields.
On the other hand, using my own popupmethod=‘myPopupmethod’ did not help.

Do you know some way to cover the three cases?

Thanks and best regards