IE takes a very long time to render a page (about 20 sec)

I access my CAI Page using IE7 (same on IE6).
The browser starts calling all the getters on the server side, then it freezes (if you click often in the browser window it will display: “(Not Repsonding)” in the Titlebar of the Browser and the spinning arrow stops spinning.
The IE7 process takes u to 100% CPU usage and the memory usage of IE7 increases by about 10MB.
The server load is about 0% and I get no logging messages which would indicate an access.

I get this behaviour only on one of my pages. This page is the only one that containes a “rowtablearea2” control showing about 4 rows with 5 columns. Two of the Columns contain combodyns with about 5 valid values.
Please find the XML Definition attached.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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PS: Another thing: is it to be expected that one and the same getter is called multiple times (in one case up to 13 times) in the same Cycle?
Is this “normal” behaviour can I do something about this?
ev.rollenzuordnung.xml (6.57 KB)

I did a little investigation on my own, here ist the solution to the Problem:
In the attached xml you will find the following line:
<rowtablearea2 griddataprop=“pkvoap_pzLeTable” rowcount=“100” height=“100%” firstrowcolwidths=“true”>

I Highlighted the rowcount attribut because the Problem is there.
CAI initialises all 100 Rows even if there are only 5 returned.

When using the control properly it will work fine!

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