Running CAI in IFrame

I tried with “ONUNLOADBEHAVIOUR=NOTHING” in the url of the iframe, but it doesnt seem to work…

It dosen’t even seem to work when entering the url directly in the browser.
First I access my page like this:


Change the state a little.

Then I navigate to (by entering the url in the Browser):

after that I reenter the URL to my CAI Page and I end up in the initial state. The state changes I previously made are lost…

I would have expected that I see gui in the same state as I left it.

Again best regards,


your are not far away from the solution! In addition to param UNONLOADBEHAVIOR use SESSIONID/SUBSESSIONID in order to find the right session when coming back.

There is one nice place in documentation dealing with that servlet params. See “Appendix E - StartCISPage Servlet”.

Regards! Martin