some problems with rowtablearea2


May be its a similar problem like this:

But that solution does not work in my case :frowning:

I use rowtablearea2 for a table with rowselection and events by clicking on cols:

So this version works fine. Now I want to reduce this table to only 4 visible rows and add vertical scrolling. So I changed the first XML-Lines to:

<itr takefullwidth=“true” height=“110”>
<rowtablearea2 griddataprop=“overviewTable” rowcount=“15” height=“100%” vscroll=“auto” border=“true”>

Now the table is reduced to 4 rows and there is a vertical scrollbar but there are two negative effects:

1.) The WIDTH of that table now is sized with 100% and more, global scrolling with the whole page has no effect on the table

2.) The vertical scrolling has a bug. If I scroll down to the last table item and up again the scrollbar disapears and no further scrolling iss possible.

Now my questions is:

a) Is there anything wrong with my XML-Layout
b) Is that a known bug of CIS or
c) Is it more probable to search the problem in my adapter and the handling of the rowItems

Thanks for help

…I think the main problem is that you put ROWTABLEAREA2 below ITR. I am sure you have not maintained this XML with our layout editor! :wink:

I updated a little bit and have no problems:

<page model="ButtonGridAdapter">
    <titlebar name="Template">
    <header withdistance="false">
        <button name="Save">
        <rowarea name="Rowarea" height="200">
            <rowtablearea2 griddataprop="overviewTable" rowcount="15" height="100%" width="100%" hscroll="true" vscroll="auto" firstrowcolwidths="true" border="true">
                    <label name=" " width="20" asheadline="true">
                    <label name="C1" width="160" asheadline="true" textalign="center">
                    <label name="C2" width="75" asheadline="true" textalign="center">
                    <label name="C3" width="25" asheadline="true" textalign="center">
                    <label name="C4" width="75" asheadline="true" textalign="center">
                    <label name="C5" width="20" asheadline="true" textalign="center">
                    <label name="C6" width="75" asheadline="true" textalign="center">
                    <label name="C7" width="20" asheadline="true" textalign="center">
                    <label name="C8" width="75" asheadline="true" textalign="center">
                    <label name="C9" width="35" asheadline="true" textalign="center">
                    <label name="C10" width="75" asheadline="true" textalign="center">
                    <str valueprop="selected">
                        <checkbox valueprop="selected" flush="server" width="20">
                        <button method="onCol1Clicked" nameprop="desc1" width="100%">
                        <button method="onCol2Clicked" nameprop="desc2" width="100%">
                        <button method="onCol3Clicked" nameprop="desc3" width="100%">
                        <button method="onCol4Clicked" nameprop="desc4" width="100%">
                        <button method="onCol5Clicked" nameprop="desc5" width="100%">
                        <button method="onCol6Clicked" nameprop="desc6" width="100%">
                        <button method="onCol7Clicked" nameprop="desc7" width="100%">
                        <button method="onCol8Clicked" nameprop="desc8" width="100%">
                        <button method="onCol9Clicked" nameprop="desc9" width="100%">
                        <button method="onCol10Clicked" nameprop="desc10" width="100%">
    <statusbar withdistance="false">

BTW: in this scenario it makes sense to specify that the first row defines the columns width settings. All the buttons only take 100% of what is passed from the first row. Both from performance point of view and from clearness of rendering.

Hope this helps…


Hi Bjoern,

First of all, thanks for your replay. So now I know that the problem is NOT caused by the XML-layout.

The mistake with instead of was because of all the trying to find another container where it may works. I also tried the XML-layout with and finally I reduced the whole XML to your example below but using my own adapter but the scrolling still not worked.

So it seems to be the adapter an the kind of filling the rowtablearea with rows (there are alot of complex things in it and it is quite possible that there is a problem with refreshing and displaying of rows)

Finally I changed the rowtablearea to a normal textgrid and did some changes to the adapter and now it does what I want (but without buttons).
Therefore the problem may be the mixture of using a complex control like rowtablearea and a complex adapter like mine.

For me I found a solution using textgrid so now it’s all fine.
May be, the next days I will find some time to try it again with rowtablearea by beginning with a simple adapter and getting it more and more complex. So I’ll may find the mistake in my adapter or could specify more exactly the problem in rowtablearea

Thanks so far