More ROWTABLEAREA2 questions

I have a problem where a Horizontal and Vertical Scroll bar both renders over my columns and rows in a ROWTABLEAREA2.

See XML as well as the screen prints (attached). One screen print shows the Control Grid with Horizontal Scroll and Vertical Scroll not set (all the data rows show) and one with them set to Auto (the horizontal scroll bar renders on top of my last row of data).

The structure of the Control is as follow:

Parent Container is a Rowarea. Under that I have a rowtablearea2. Under this I have a TR with some Column Headers, as well as a Repeat with a Selectable row with fields.

I do not specify a height on any of the controls, since the whole idea of a repeat is to build rows dynamically. I want to display only the rows that I populate with data.

I must say, the documentation on the height properties of the controls confuses me. Even so, I’ve tried to set these, using both percentages as well as pixels. Specifying height in percentage on any of the controls (Rowarea or RowtableArea2) results in no rows of data being displayed. Doing so in pixels, results in a big blank area appearing under the last row of data.

So, I switched on the vertical scroll to hopefully scroll down to see my missing row of data. However, the vertical scroll is grayed out, since my last row of data is actually on the screen, just underneath the horizontal scroll bar.

What am I doing wrong here?
xml.txt (16.4 KB)

Hi Werner,

I am not sure about this, but you have to keep in mind that the size of your grid is not always equal to the sum of the sizes of the columns, you need to add the pixels for the borders. It is possible that the horizontal scroll bar appears for this reason.


Hi Werner,

did you try to add a vdist after the repeat?
What I mean is the following:

<rowtablearea2 …

<gridcolheader name=“FIELD1” …

<field …

Best Regards,