Phantom Column Headers

I have a Control Grid (rowtablearea2). As subnode to this, I have a Table Row (tr). The Table Row itself has seven Header Columns (gridcolheader).

The colspan of each Column Header is specified as 1 (which is the default anyway).

For some reason there appears some phantom column header between each specified column header (see attached) when running the program.

I’ve tried everything (even trying to get the width of the Column Headers to add up to the width specified in the Control Grid). No go. How do I get rid of this phantom Column Header?

Can you attach or send the page XML, please ?

Which version of NJX ?

We use Natural One version 8.2.2
Column Header xml.txt (5.62 KB)

Ok, it looks a bit different for me (see below, on plain NJX822, no ONE available here and now), but anyway,
the problem is the width=1100 for your rowtablearea2, the total width of the defined columns = 400 + (6 * 100) = 1000
so NJX makes up for the difference and appends the excess space, evenly distributed, to each column.
A width of 1025 appears to be the optimum setting.

Thank you for your feedback.

Yes, that does solve the issue. Believe it or not, I actually did look at that (clearly not well enough - see my original posting).

One would expect the padding to be at the end, or if the width was too small, then to also cut off at the end.

At least I can use the control now. Ha ha…

You’re most welcome.

Yep, getting the widths right, sometimes not just for the control in question by itself,
but also in contect with the containing elements (all the hierarchy up) is one of the
funnier tasks :wink: