Phantom Tree Selections

Hi there,
I use the TreeNode3 Control (CAI 2.1) with singleSelection.
I also use the IDynamicAccess Interface.

When CAI calls my getPropertyValue()-Method, in order to access the TreeCollection, I rebuild the tree (always using the same TreeCollection instance), this includes calling clear() and clearSelection() on the TreeCollection, building up the tree structure with NodeInfo Objects and calling setSelectedItem() and toggleNode() on the TreeCollection.

The tree is used to navigate to different pages.
When selecting nodes on the same level in the tree (this means no page swith is done) everything works fine.
As soon as I click on another level (this means a page switch is done) and a little back and forth I see old selections on the “revisited” page in addition to the correct one I just did.
This “phantom” selection vanishes e.g. when I just move the mouse over the node. No server interaction occurs (I shut down the server to really make sure :wink:

I put the TreeCollection in the sub-session so that I use the same tree collection among all adapters and the same user.
On the server side I assert that only one Node is selected so the second selection is not initiated by my adapter.
Until now I only saw max. two selections at a time never more.

My guess is that there might be a client side java script update problem.
Does anybody know the problem/Solution or can give suggestions what to do.

If you need more info just tell me, I’ll post it.

Best regards,

Hi Matthias,

yes, please add more info: perfect (for us) would be: sample XML and sample Java-Adapter…

Thanks, Bj