Problems using multiselect control


We just updated our version of application designer to v2.2.2.

Now we have a problem in some of our adapters. Each of this adapter uses a multiselect control. We have a navigation tree and when we click on a node in the navigation tree which opens a page with multiselect control, everything seems fine. But after a second click on the same node, the system does not react any more and a javascript error appears (…m_model ist null oder kein Objekt).

There seem to be problems with invokeMethodInTarget. Some calls seem to be lost on the way as a result of this javascript error.
If we remove this control and re-generate the page, everything works fine. In the documentation we found a part saying you refactored this control. Could this be the problem?

Can you please help?



as you know App Designer provides for a page buffering mechanism in order to increase loading performance. If you re-open a page App Designer checks if the page is kept within its page buffer. If yes - the cached page “just” becomes visible - instead of being re-loaded.

Unfortunately the MULTISELECT control does not behave 100% OK when the page is to be re-rendered (ie when taken out of the page buffer). If you do not use page buffering (parameter FRAMEBUFFERSIZE is set to “1” within configuration file cisconfig.xml) the prob. does not occur (short term workaround). :?

With next update (V223) issue will be fixed. :slight_smile:

Regards! Martin