reactOnSelect() gets called multiple times

Hi there,
which exact events result in “reactOnSelect()” beeing called and why is the method called on each node in my tree?

When I start up my Page containing a tree then the “reactOnSelect()” method is called for each Node in the tree.
The only thing I do in the Method is writing a trace.

Anybody any Idea?


Hi Again,
i figured out why this happens:
My tree changes on most get-Cycles, because of this I clear() the TreeCollection and create the tree nodes from scratch.
Of course I set the Properties “opened” and “selected” on each node, it seems this is why the reactOnSelect() method is called on each Node.

It seems this behaviour only occours with select not with toggle.
Is this a bug or on purpose?

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well my workaround is:

if (vkpGuiNode==root.getSelectedNode()) {

This way I leave the node untouched when it is not selected.
Now reactOnSelect() is called only once.

I think it would be easy to fix this in the CAI framework?

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