As you known, you can view the transaction list that come in to wm IS (Adapters-> Routing-> Transactions)

This page shown this information:
Date, TID, Sender, Receiver, Msg Type, State, Delete.

  1. Is there a function (Java API) that give me the transaction list ???
    By example, String Transactions = Server.getTransactions().
  2. I want to can manipulate this information, as a structure.

I read the Java API Reference, but i don’t found any function can help me.

Do yuo know what can i do ???
Any idea is good for me.

Thanks so much …

Omar - you can introspect the DSP file for that function and see the underlying service it is calling with any parameters. Then you can call that service directly from a Java wrapper using one of the Service.doInvoke() methods. You can then map the results to a record structure you create.

Hope this helps.


I found the function.
Just i want to get a transactions list that come in to wm server.
Then, i can manipule this information as a structure or record.

The service is wm.PartnerMgr.xtn.admin and i get the information i want.

Thanks so much for your help …