ROSY ON for FDDM allows save/stow with NaturalONE

I am new to this forum and to NaturalONE, been using it for a couple of months only, am trying to set up a FDDM where the development team won’t be able to edit and change the DDM’s using NaturalONE (it will be allowed to DBA team only using another natparm).

I changed the parameter ROSY to ON in the NDV natparm, when going to NaturalONE and checking the properties for the system file, it says read-only access but I can still edit and save the DDMs.

I did the same with the FUSER (just to check if I was doing righ) and it worked!

What am I missing ? My NaturalONE version is 8.2.3 and we don’t have Natural Security.


That’s not a NaturalONE issue as such, the same happens in plain Natural.

Please open a support incident for this.

Thanks for the reply Wolfgang, i will do that.