DDM editor - Adabas 6.2 support

The DDM editor does not allow me to select a local database of type ADA2, nor does it allow 6.2 features (eg Length DYNAMIC) while working locally. I don’t see anything in the documentation that warns me of this limitation.

Have I missed something in the installation or Preferences for 8.1.4? Or must I wait for ONE 8.2 for Adabas 6.2 support?

The DDM editor of NatONE 81 and 82 does support ADA2. Maybe our documentation is not specific enough in this area.
You need to have a mapped project to a running Natural, which has a DBID defined as ADA2. Select ‘Create DDM’. You will see a list of available Databases. The DDM editor doe not distinguish between Adabas and Adabas2. Select the appropriate DBID (which belongs to ADA2) and enter FNR. Now you should see the DDM in the editor. You may overwrite the length definition of the appropriate field with the value ‘dynamic’, if this field is defined as LOB (type A or B) field in Adabas.

I now have ONE8.2.4.

Under Natural for Windows, I had created an application to retrieve images (LOBs) from an Adabas (6.2) file. Under ONE8.x I am unable to create the appropriate DDM while using a local run-time because the DDM editor doesn’t allow the LB parameter. Following Hubert’s instructions, I have it executing with a Server run-time.

Would someone explain to me why NDV would be needed to implement a LOB application in ONE? I start every project with a local environment/run-time. Isn’t this what SAG recommends? That individual developers use local development environments, combining their efforts via version-control software?

And how are ONE Community Edition users supposed to test Adabas LOBs?