DDM Cannot Be Loaded

When trying to access several DDM within Natural One, I receive the message; DDM cannot be loaded
Invalid length at line:

It seems to happen on any file with a field defined as P0.3

Has anyone else saw this and if so what was the fix?

Hi Mike,

I have never seen this, but maybe a few questions will trigger a memory somewhere.

I’m wondering where you are seeing the error message, in the program editor for a program that references the DDM, or in the DDM editor, or the DDM view?

I don’t recognize your field name from the sample files included with the Community Edition. Did you create it yourself, or somehow copy it in from another source, like a mainframe or a LUW server?

I remember a long time ago defining P fields with Predict required the length to be entered as l.n, where l is the full length and n the number of decimal places. Back then your field would have been defined as (P3.3) in Predict, but as (P0.3) for local Natural variables. That doesn’t seem to be true today on Windows DDMs, but I don’t know for sure.

Did you also load the corresponding data files? Have you checked if the DDM field length matches the length in the FDT the file was loaded with?

How long is the record the DDM describes? The CE version may have a maximum record length that it allows, which may have been exceeded right at your SALESMAN-SALES-SPLIT field. I’ll browse around through the Read.me files and config files to see if I can find something.

Let us know if you’ve already found the solution, or if any of this helps. Still trying to learn all the ins and outs of NaturalONE myself.