Dynamic in DDM

I like to create a DDM with datatype ‘Binary’ and Length ‘Dynamic’. But it can’t? :?:
DDM cannot has length dynamic??

DYNAMIC just applies to user defined variables.

DDM’s are basically “shopping lists” for Natural when it calls Adabas (that is, the fields it wants to read from a record). DDM’s also reserve memory locations in Natural to hold values of fields in records.

Within a Natural program, you can basically do anything with a database field that you can do with a user defined variable.

HOWEVER, since Adabas does not permit DYNAMIC variables, Natural cannot attempt to interface with Adabas using DYNAMIC variables.


For Natural 4.1 and above, simply put a B in the ‘F’(ormat) column and enter the text ‘DYNAMIC’ in the ‘Leng’ column.

I’m using Natural 6.2.2. By entering ‘DYNAMIC’ in the ‘Leng’ column, it shows “Error in ‘Length’ Detected”. Any ideas?

Sorry for that, I only tried Nat 6.2.3 on Windows after I posted my answer, and of course you are right, it doesn’t work. But it should, according to the documentation, so this needs to be reported & fixed.