"Root folder aliases" for repository based deployment of MWS assets


when defining a deployment project which should deploy (among others) MWS assets, one has to define MWS servers. The servers are then used in the map step.

One of the attributes of an MWS server is “Root folder aliases”. In the docs (webMethods Deployer User’s Guide) this attribute is only mentioned in the chapter about runtime based deployment.

As I understand it, this is used to control what assets are displayed so the user can mark them for inclusion into the deployment set.

Does this parameter have any meaning for repository based deployment? In particular, when the project is created using the project automator?

In this case, the MWS server is specified via a “mwsalias” entry in the config file which can have a “rootFolderAliases” element. What good would this element be for in this scenario (nothing is selected manually here)?

Thank you!

Hi fml,

which wM version?

Where exactly is the property defined? In the Project Properties?

We never changed this value for our MWS deployments (currently only using runtime based deployments).


This is wM 9.6, but IIRC it was the same for wM 8.2. And I think for 9.7, 9.8 and 9.9 as well. You go to the deployer and choose MWS server in the menu on the left (not in a deployment project!). Then you can select an existing server or define a new one, and there you’ll see the property in the right pane.