Business Rules - "merge project" deployment mode

Product/components used and version/fix level: MWS 10.15, Docker containers of ABE and WmDeployer

Detailed explanation of the problem: I am trying to achieve deployment of MWS Business Rules in the com.softwareag.rules.merge.project “Merge rules” deployment mode. On my current build+deploy CICD setup using the docker container template scripts obtained from SAG, I’m not sure where we can configure it such that deployments occur in this mode.

On inspection of the Build Automator exported xmls of deployment projects that were manually created on a persisted WmDeployer instance, I was not able to find this configuration of “Merge project”: “true” in the XML. If this configuration item is to be delivered elsewhere, how can I wire that up into my existing deployment pipeline that uses ABE/WmDeploy containers triggered by CICD?


Not directly what you are looking for, but it may help.

Currently I am working on a similar task but I haven’t reached the CI/CD pipeline configuration yet. I am planing to use WmPackageManager instead of deployer,. It may help you too.

Double check edit: Unfortunately, it doesn’t support BPMS deployments. Will keep the post in case it helps someone else.

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Hi - when you use the WmDeployer UI to create your Deployment Project, you can specify the value for “Merge Project” directly in the UI. Please see “Configure the Deployment Map - “Merge project” and “Hot Deploy project”” in the attached PDF which illustrates this.

Then, after you export the Deployment Project into a Deployer Automator xml file, the values for will be part of that file.

Business Rules deployment to MWS.pdf (804.5 KB)

I hope this helps,