Resubmitting Documents

I’m fairly new to the organisation I’m currently employed at, and am working with the existing wM architecture.
I have noticed that some (quite a lot actually) of the Invoices we send to our Trading Partners fail.
We send out one of two formats of Invoice, cXML and xCBL.
When I resend the xCBL Invoices, TN correctly identifies the Sender & Receiver.
When I resend the cXML Invoices, TN does not identify either the Sender or Receiver and hence the Invoice is not re-sent.
Does anyone have an idea of where I should be looking at why the cXML invoice fail on resend ??


Can you check the TN document types in MWS, check the xCBL invoice document and cXML invoice document. Look for how they will extract the sender id and receiver id from. Usually it will retrieve from external id type like DUNS, mutually defined, user defined 1, AS2 ID etc. So from there check against the content of the xCBL/cXML invoice, the answer should not go too far.I guess it’s either failed to recognize the TN document type, or perhaps some invalid value for those fields extracted.

Hi David,
The TN activity log for the document may provide information as to why the resend is failing.

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