Resubmission functionality in MWS in wM 9.7

Hi Guys ,

we could not have resubmisiion functionality of IS documents in MWS with LDAP settings and not having Monitor IS? IS monitor manadatory here. I know with central user it is not required. Please clarify.

What exactly you want to know? Your question is not so clear.


My question is , Can I have IS doc resubmit functionality in MWS with LDAP connection configured under user managment without having monitoring Integration Server. I know it is possible with LDAP and Monitoring IS.

I understand but I am sorry, I am not sure. Let’s see other members say on it.


Hi Satish,

your question is still not very clear.

I will try to answer it as fas as I have understood it.

When using Monitor the IS should be configured to use Central Users Management via MWS database schema.
This is neccessary for single sign on via SAML for the Administrator users.
Therefore the Administrator passwords in IS and MWS should be the same.

In MWS you can configure an additional directory service for your LDAP directory.
Make sure that you rertrieve the “full name” attibute together with the userid, first name and surname attributes.

You can assign these users to the appropriate Roles in MWS and then add these Roles to the ACLs in IS.

Additionally make sure that you set the correct permissions in MWS Permissions Management.

Using Monitor and Monitor UI is required as the Monitor package contains the services to access the table in the database where the information is stored and to perform the resbmit.

See Monitor Built-In-Servcies Guide for further informations.

Can you provide the Version of Fixes you have applied to Monitor package and Monitor UI?

Latest available Fix is MON_9.7_Fix11, which contains parts for package and parts for MWS.
Additionally it requires OPT_9.7_Fix11, as this one contains shared libs used by Monitor and Optimize.

Hope this answers your questions.
If not, please try to explain more clearly what is your issue.


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