Functionality of wm.monitor.admin.imageCleanup

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What is the funtionality of wm.monitor.admin.imageCleanup scheduler service??

Can anyone please help?


These services are used for monitoring of IS and archiving purpose.

I think that SAG has not given the documentation on this (just like WmRoot).

Lets see what others comment :slight_smile:

This scheduler comes by default when you install WmMonitor with no documentation…

Please contact SAG support if you have any questions or issues running it?


Thanks Mahesh & RMG


webMethods Monitor generates process instance’s if you are using “pub.monitor.process.instance:generateInstanceImage” service.

These instances are stored in WmMonitor/pub/images/processes. You can disable imageCleanUp, If you are not using monitor


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Does WmMonitor package play any role to provide access of resubmit the process model to no admin user.

Answer is YES! plays role in process instance resubmission.

YES its the critical for BPMS/Service Auditing/Arching etc… and do you have WmMonitor configured to the MWS instance and SystemSettings on the MWS?


yes WmMonitor is configured.

but non admin user (user who is the member of my webMethods user role) not able to resubmit the process model.
even have provided the resubmit access from Permission management.

Please suggest me what other option I can try.

Did you check the related ACL’s and also the permissions management what Roles did the current user added?