Resubmit services from MWS

If I want to resubmit an IS service from the MWS, which executed at a specific time, how do I go about?

I have configured wMMonitor to point to the MWS.

You should enable audit properties of the desired service.
Once enabled, you will see the entries in mws under
Monitoring =>Service

yes, I set the audit features for my service and executed.
Also, in MWS, I defined IS as a server and checked connectivity, MWS and IS are connected.

But when I search for service in the MWS, I cannot see the service.
I get below error in MWS.

SOAPException( Client: [ISS.0088.9134] Exception occurred while processing the body of the message )

Hi Revathi,

is there a corresponding message in IS server.log or error log?

Is there a more detailed message in the full.log of the MWS?

Which wM version are you using?


I am using version 9.10.

On IS log there is some application which is constantly trying to ping IS, but failing every minute.
I see the below error on IS. There is no proxy server set on IS.

ISS.0053.0002C] Access denied for user Administrator on port 5555 → ‘invoke/wm.server/ping’ from

I see nothing fatal or unusual on the MWS full log.