Resubmit the process model from MWS

Hello All,

I need help on Resubmit the failed process model from MWS.

I am trying to resubmit the process instance from Admin user success fully able to resubmit.
but if I am trying via user who don’t have admin access and have resubmit access from permission management
not able to resubmit.

verified the server log also didn’t see any error also .

Please help me.


your user doesn’t have proper role assigned to it.
check user management and permission management section under Administration>System-Wide

I Checked all option
didn’t find any discrepancy.

Please suggest role which are necessary to get access of resubmit.

What role does the current user has granted by the wM Admin?


Remember that the user should have the right permissions in IS also to execute the resubmit service there.

ACL should be one the Monitor* ones.

Is Central User Management configured to the MWS database?

Some MonitorServices do a look up of permissions there.


Adding to the above:

related ACL’s:

MonitorsUser ACL
MonitorAdministrators ACL

Also in the ISAdmin–>Security—>User Management page it should read as:

Central User Management - Configured


with Admin rights I am able to resubmit

Hello rmg,
I did the same configuration but still not able to resubmit.