REST service POST endpoint cannot parse json stream

I have exactly the same issue as these guys:

but no fix is mentioned.

I’m POSTing Content-Type: application/json to a wM REST endpoint using Postman. I can see the data in the pipeline as jsonStream

When I try to call , I get:

[ISS.0086.9250] Parameter [inputStream] is not of type: [InputStream]

Just wondering if anyone had some suggestions. I can try the workaround, but it should just work.

Thanks for any tips.

Hi. I’m not able to reproduce this in IS 10.7. My service looks like this:


And my request/response looks like this:

What version and patch level are you using?


Sorry for the delay.

Version is 10.5 CoreFix_5. One thing I’ve noticed is that the json comes in as a string. I would have expected an object.


My Postman is the same as yours, with Content-Type: application/json

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