Issue with jsonStream as Input to Service

I am having an issue accepting json as a stream in a new service.

I have set the following property through IS:


And I am getting the jsonStream parameter, but the value is This is causing the following error when I try to call pub.json:jsonStreamToDocument:

{"$errorDump":“Server error occurred”,"$errorInfo":{"$errorDump":“Server error occurred”,"$error":"[ISS.0086.9250] Parameter [jsonStream] is not of type: [InputStream]","$localizedError":"[ISS.0086.9250] Parameter [jsonStream] is not of type: [InputStream]","$errorType":“”,"$service":“”,"$user":“administrator”,"$time":“Thu Jul 21 13:55:36 MDT 2016”,"$pipeline":{“jsonStream”:“”,“decodeRealAsDouble”:“false”,“decodeIntegerAsLong”:“false”,“transport”:{“protocol”:“http”,“subprotocol”:“HTTP”,“http”:{“requestUrl”:"/invoke/",“method”:“POST”,“requestHdrs”:{“Host”:“localhost:5555”,“Authorization”:“Basic YWRtaW5pc3RyYXRvcjptYW5hZ2U=”,“User-Agent”:“curl/7.49.0”,“Accept”:"/",“Content-Type”:“application/json”,“Content-Length”:“347”},“ipInfo”:{“localIp”:“0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1”,“localPort”:“5555”,“remoteIp”:“0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1”,“remotePort”:“53336”}}}},"$details":null,"$errorMsgId":“ISS.0086.9250”,"$callStack":"[ >>>$service=pub.json:jsonStreamToDocument, $currentPath=<<< , >>>$, $currentPath=/4<<< ]"},"$error":"[ISS.0086.9250] Parameter [jsonStream] is not of type: [InputStream]","$errorType":“”}

I have a workaround to set watt.server.http.jsonFormat to bytes instead and then call and then call pub.json:jsonStreamToDocument and this works fine. However, I would like to understand how I can make this work properly.


Even I have the same workaround and we use the same. Lets see what others comments and meanwhile I will check if we can directly pass the stream. Looks like you have some restful calls.

That’s weird, extends

Could you share the stack trace in error log, and what’s your IS version?