JSON Support for IS


might this be helpful for somebody?

Because I needed it, I created a small IS package “JsonSupport” which includes two services:

  • documentToJSONString (accepts Document or DocumentList as input)
  • jsonStringToDocument (returns Document or DocumentList depending on the input)

The accompanying “JsonSupportTEST” folder contains files to test the services in Designer (Service-Runner → “Load and Replace…”).

Internally, it uses the org.json Java package downloaded from http://www.json.org/java/.
On the Mobile Designer side, org.json.me is a good counterpart (https://github.com/upictec/org.json.me/ ).

Be aware that this is experimental … good for demos perhaps … but probably is not be the “perfect” implementation. So, expect horrible bugs … poor scaling … and many more bad things :wink:


JsonSupport.zip (52.7 KB)
JsonSupportTEST.zip (5.2 KB)

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There is a project on Labcase that provides full JSON support. Please check with Kevin Bouck.

Thanks Christian!
I had overseen the existence of xWmJSON in LabCase.


Hi Peter,
How can I get the xWmJSON from LabCase? Thanks -Chandra

Using JSON API I could convert XML to target format. Below is the snippet placed in java service.

JSONObject xmlJSONObj = null;
String outputJson = “”;

try {
xmlJSONObj = XML.toJSONObject(inputXml);
outputJson = xmlJSONObj.toString(PRETTY_PRINT_INDENT_FACTOR);

} catch (JSONException je) {

I’m doing the same :

  • convert using documentToXMLString
  • use an home made java service based on json.org to convert the result string to JSon.

But it introduce a limitation : where as having a field name containing space is valid for both wM’s documents and Json, it’s not valid for the intermediate XML …
Only a limitation to know when building flow documents.

The documenttojsonstring is putting quotes around integers. Is there a newer version of this jar or how can i access the labcase code?


IS can now handle JSON document in wM 9.5

Refer the below services:

For more information refer 9-5-SP1_Integration_Server_Built-In_Services_Reference.pdf

what jar or methods wM IS (9.5 and above) uses for json inbuild services?

IDataJSONCoder - wM JAVA API - Encodes an Integration Server document to JSON and
decodes JSON to an Integration Server document.

Regarding the jars I guess it should be json-lib.jar, java-json.jar

But SAG uses Jackson java libraries for JSON implementation.

What is your requirement here?