JSON validation support (pub.json.schema:validate) on IS 10.4 and deprecation of pub.json:validate

The below notes will give the usage of the service "pub.json.schema:validate"

I have attached the JSON schema's and IS package that you can consume as-is and install them on your IS 10.4 or you can create the JSON doc type from the JSON schema's that are attached. Review the service, run and verify the outputs.

"pub.json:validate" service is deprecated and replaced by "pub.json.schema:validate"

pub.json.schema:validate - Present in WmPublic, validates JSON content against a JSON document type.

The JSON standard requires that field names be enclosed in double quotes. The pub.json.schema:validate service accepts input JSON content according to the JSON standard and treats field names not enclosed in double quotes (including unquoted field names) as invalid. If the provided JSON input is invalid, then pub.json.schema:validate throws a ServiceException.

Specify only one of jsonString , jsonStream , or jsonDocument . If you specify more than one of these parameters, then pub.json.schema:validate considers only the first of the specified values for validation in the following order: jsonString , jsonStream ,
jsonDocument. If you do not specify any JSON content for validation or the JSON schema file, then pub.json.schema:validate throws a ServiceException.

For more details refer "10-4_Integration_Server_Built_In_Services_Reference.pdf"

JSONValidatorDemo.zip (12 KB)

jsonschema.json (577 Bytes)

jsonarrayschema.json (517 Bytes)