Response of request processing service not reaching routing service configured in API gateway

I have built an API in webMethods API gateway, where i have configured a webMethods IS service in the request processing and in routing, i have another service. My request processing service is present in gateway IS and my routing service is present in ESB server.
In the request processing service, i have modified the incoming request and mapped to the output payload. But i am not able to get this output in my routing service.
Can anyone let me know how to configure the output so that i can get the modified payload in my routing service.

Request processing output:

Routing service:

I have tried mapping my output to customFieldsMap and tried getting the request in routing end, still did not work.

Thanks in advance.

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The issue has been resolved by following below steps:
Configuring request spec in the request processing IS and mapping the modified payload in payload parameter.

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