response code 61 subcode 2 on a L3

anyone know what the above problem is?

response code 61 relates to a S8 but im issuing a L3 and subcode 2 is not on any documentation I can find online

Is this a Natural program? If so, could you post the READ LOGICAL?

If this is a direct call, could we see the control block and the buffers.

Subcode 2 indicates an invalid value operator in the search buffer.


Look in Messages and Codes → Adabas Response Codes → Response 61

If you meant Open Systems instead of mainframe
Messages and Codes → Nucleus Response Codes → Response 61

Or enter “? 3061” on the Natural command line.

In your READ statement check that the starting/ending values match the format (alpha or numeric) of the descriptor.


It has been awhile since your posting, so I assume you have reconciled your problem.

What was the source of the problem, and how did you resolve it?

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the problem was as mentioned above "Subcode 2 indicates an invalid value operator in the search buffer. " and has been added to recent version of adabas.

I think the problem was i was performing a L3 logical read but had more than 1 field in the search buffer