error code 3017 and subcode 5

Hi all,

Can anyone tell wat this error corresponds to??

Also, if anyone can intimate me where i find a list of subcode and their details…

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hey Koolbuddy. First let me apologize… I don’t know the answer. I am going to ride your coat tails though… I am looking for a list of ADABAS return codes/response codes… I’m new and I haven’t even come across the sub codes as yet… Have a good day.

I guess this error came out of Natural, because adabas knows only 3-digit response codes. Natural adds 3000 to the adabas response code. This means: Every Natural-Error beginning with 3 cames out of adabas.

So you got two possibilities:
Read the Natural-help for error 3017.
Read the Adabas-Documentation for response code 17 (see the link above).