Subcodes to Adabas nucleus response code 9


I am posting because of Jurgens Viljoen’s post to SAG-L in which he says Natural 6.1.1 (PC) provides the following description of the value contained in Additions 2 for a NAT3009 (Adabas rsp code 9):

NAT3009 Transaction aborted (additions 2:2).

The ADDITIONS 2 field in the CB contains additional information:

 Transaction timeout : 0 - TT    Security              : 5 - SE

 Non-activity timeout: 1 - TN    Hold queue deadlock   : 6 - DL

 STOP user           : 2 - ST    Read consistency      : 7 - RC

 LP overflow         : 3 - LP    OP during transaction : 8 - OP

 AUTO-RESTART        : 4 - AR    Open required for user: 9 – OR

I see zero is transaction timeout… 2 is STOP user. Why would it not be the same as the mainframe platform where Adabas passes a subcode 2 for transaction timout? Other mainframe subcodes:

1 - hold queue deadlock
2 - TT exceeded
3 - TNAx exceeded, STOP user, security violation
15 - pending WORK (LP) overflow

I would have hoped that this would be one of the things that Adabas would be consistent about across platforms.

Does anyone have any insight as to why this is (or know that the above information about Windows’ Adabas is false)?


Brian Johnson
Eaton Corp.
Moon Twp., PA

Unfortunately in the past no attention was paid that the subcodes were the same as on Mainframe. Now the problem is that adopting the subcodes to the MF values would mean incompatibilities with previous Adabas Open System, and this is a bad thing, too.