ADABAS Response Code 9 Subcode 66

We seem to be getting more response code 9 subcode 66 in one of our Adabas database (v822) compare to the other 3. All of our DBs have OPENRQ=YES. We would get response code 9 subcode 66 if we (for example) stay in REVIEW for a period of time that is much shorter than the non-activity time paramaters or the TT parameter set. And our NU in sysaos shows low high-water mark - about 24%.

Our REVIEW report shows a lot of subcode 66 at RC commands, some L1’s.

What else can I look at to gain an understanding of what cause the subcode 66?

Any debugging advise would be much appreciated.


Maybe you have some trouble with duplicate ETIDs ? (Additions_1 field at OP command)

The same ETID can only be in use by one user, the user´s identification is the 28 byte communication ID. If a second user is using the same ETID as a previous different user it will get at the first OP call a rsp-48 but when ignoring this the second user can ´take over´ the first user´s ETID and this causes the first user´s UQE to be deleted when running with OPENRQ=YES. The first user will then get rsp-9/subdoce 66 when issuing the next call.

You can see the ETID with Display UQE (AMA, AOS or operator command).