ADABAS 7.4.2 RSP:000 Sub.RSP: 197

Nucleus abended with User 253.
What does Sub.RSP: 197 mean? :o
It seems to be a secret subcode.

11:53:13 ADANR1 00222 Smart Management handling condition 840C9000
11:53:13 ADANRT 00222 Condition is a PGM error
11:53:13 ********Default PIN output ************
11:53:13 ADAH50 00222 Dump format called
Thread number 01 Status: ACTIVE

Command : S1 RSP: 000 FNR:00018 ISN: 00025317 Sub. RSP: 197 :o

Last RABN I/O: 00655872 Type: . CQE ADDR: 00144940
Jobname : ZIIDAP40 ITID: 00000009 User: E9C9C9C4 C1D7F4F0 00000000
Comm. ID : 0000804A 20660000 40404040 40404040 00F6A580 C05CB894 EB429E61
11:53:13 ADAH51 00222 Dump format completed
11:53:13 ADANY4 00222 Error occurred in routine: ADAMXO
11:53:13 ********End of default PIN output **********

Dieter Storr

Steen Kromann (SAG-L) believed that Subcode 197 could be a value from the ACB ADD2 field of the S1 command.

According to the PIN dump, the ACB shows the following:

ISNQ= XD0A96 = 854.678
FBL= X1157 = 4439
RBL= X06C5 = 1733
SBL = X10 = 16
VBL = X10 = 16
ISNBL = X4 = 4
COPT1 = X00
COPT2 = X00
ADD1 = X4040404040404040
ADD2 = X0276 06C5 = bin compr lrecl 630 and bin dec field length 1733
Rest is X404040…

Yes, it was a find with a field in a PE group. And a lot of WORK I/Os. And we are using ADACSH for WORK-Part-2 I/Os. Even if it is a problem with the size, the nucleus should not abend.

The file is OK and when I shortened the ISNQ of the FIND command, for example search one day only, the nucleus didn’t abend.

So I am still looking for an explanation of subcode 197. Maybe it is a red herring or a special code for support reasons only. :?

Dieter Storr