ADAF54 Replication Error RSP 98 Subcode 49896

Does anyone know this new Adabas response code?

ADAF18 A1 cmd to DBID 187 FNR 44 RSP 98 subcode 49896 ISN 69706434
ADAF54 2008-11-05 12:15:13 Replication error: Adabas destination D187044
ADAF54 Source DBID 134 FNR 44, Target DBID 187 FNR 44

Dieter Storr

Edgar Kohler gave a very good explanation on SAG-L:

"It should be the value of Add2 field (3rd and 4th bytes) containing the
name of the descriptor which caused the uniqueness conflict.
49896 = H’C2E8’ = ‘BY’ "

It also could be that RC 98 is similar to RC97 and RC99:
An I/O error occurred… Additions 2 may contain RABN.

We unloaded a file on the mainframe, decompressed it w/o the ISN option, and compressed w/o the USERISN option. The load also was w/o the USERISN option on the Windows platform. The replication, of course, couldn’t find the
same ISN/RABN and abended with the above mentioned RC 98, SC 49896.

Thanks, Edgar, for the excellent tip.

Dieter Storr