Adabas Response Code 9, Subcode 79

A customer received since Monday a lot of RC 9, SC 79. SAG’s knowledge center points out that the System Coordinator For Adabas is the reason.

Did anyone else ran into the problem? How did you soved it?

Dieter Storr

We discovered the following scenario:


  • Started a back-up (ADASAV) offline
  • Started the nucleus during the back-up was still running
  • Customers received RC 9, SC 79
  • Started a delta save online
  • RC9, SC 79 disappeared

Seems that the Monday scenario caused a set-up flag in the coordinator file that was not cleared, when the nucleus started?

Maybe Uschi can shed some light on this? (smile)

By the way, we are running ADA744 with add-on products with mixed versions ADA742, ADA743, ADA744, for example

CORKRN DATE 2003-05-02, VERSION 7.4, SM 2, ZAP-LEVEL 0146
ADAAFP Date 2003-04-01, Version 7.4, SM 4, Base AI744000
ADAIOR Date 2002-10-15, Version 7.4, SM 3, Base AO743000
Zaps AO743011 AO743014

Dieter Storr
(from Sacramento)