Resizing NATURAL Window


i have one strange problem with the NATURAL,normally when i double click on my natural window it is minimizing but i want it to resize.Can any one help me to get rid of this problem.

Thanks in advance.


Need more information.

Are you talking mainframe or PC?

Is this a “generated” window (%W commands) or the editor window?


Thanks for the quick reply.
I am working on Windows environment NATURAL on PC.
and it is not a generated window commands it is a editor window in the application.

please check the attachment of the resized window screen shot but it is not resizing in one of the user machine.

naterrorscreenshot.doc (39 KB)

when you say “it is not resizing in one of the user machine” are you indicating that this works on several machines, but not on the one user’s machine? Are you having problems with all Natural output windows not resizing as you expect or just from one program and/or one user?

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Vish, check the user’s NatParms. In the Configuration Utility you can search for “devices” or you can navigate to

  • Natural Execution Configuration
    → Device/Report Assignments
    → Devices

The Video settings default to 80x25. Verify that the settings match those of other users.

Do all users have the same Output Window Profile? Click on the system icon of the Natural output window, then click Profile. Is the setting consistent for Save current size and position?


Thanks for the reply…the problem is only with one user not with all and for others it is fine.

all other users are also using the same output profile and the setting is not checked on Save current size and position.