Natural Web I/O Output Linesize > 80 (Full Edition)

I posted this question in the Community Edition Forum (old habit, sorry) but I’m having the problem at a customer site on the Full Edition, so here’s a cross-reference to that posting:
Anyone know how to fix this?
We are running NaturalONE v9.1.1 (fix #12 applied)
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Hi Folks,
in the NaturalONE output window “Natural Web I/O Output” output lines are being truncated
to 80 chars although I have


in my Natural Program.
How can I increase the PageSize & LineSize in the Output Window?
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George Cooper’s suggestion (see David’s link, above, to the CE Forum discussion) to specify environment variables NWO_NCOLUMNS and NWO_NROWS worked for me, although I would prefer to set report parameters within a Natural ONE session, because I normally create portrait reports.

To be able to read a report, I double-click on the WebIO banner to maximize it, then use ctrl-+ to increase the font.

OK, the solution is:
the 2 environment-variables NWO_NCOLUMNS & NWO_NROWS need to be set Server-Side, not in the Client where NaturalONE is running.
That’s not well thought out, to put it mildly!
Every User needs their own Server instance to cater for their needs.
So our Admin has configuered a new instance on another Port just for me.
Back to the drawing-board…