Line numbers in NaturalOne

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Designer 10.7 with NaturalOne 9.1.3

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When getting an error during execution on the main frame the error line does not correspond to the source line numbers in NaturalOne.

In ONE edit the problem program and do control-G. Enter the four-digit error line number. You’re now positioned on the source line that resulted in the error.


Thank you. That solves it. It would have been nice if the source line numbering on the mainframe followed that of NaturalOne. I know ctrl-G jumps there however if I have a DB log with many lines to follow this becomes a pain. Anyway, thank you for this.

You can LIST the code under NATURAL on mainframe and line numbers will match error (and presumably your DB log). But it kind-of defeats the purpose of being in the IDE … Right-click show line numbers in ONE would benefit from a right-click show NATURAL line numbers function.

If you use the profiler in NaturalOne the source line numbers (as on MF) shows. So the question is why not in the source editor? I’m asking on behalf of the developers that I’m trying to convert. A reason to stick with SPoD.

There are already entries in the new Aha! system regarding line numbers, see for example Aha! LineNbr. Somehow NaturalONE should offer a possibility to show the server line numbers which is currently not possible.
Regarding the Profiler: The application runs on the server and the Profiler collects the data there. Thus the Profiler collects server line numbers. And NaturalONE shows the data collected by the Profiler. If you profile a program from NaturalONE, you can double-click on a line entry in the hot spots view, and the editor will directly position to that line. If you open a Profiler resource (usually from a batch profiling), the double-click does not work. But you can open the resource with the Profiler Rich GUI which merges the Profiler data into the source and shows the original server line numbers.

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