NATURAL screen size

The default size of screens (maps) we are using is 24x79 (or 24x80?). Is there something we can do to display during runtime a map wtih size larger than this? I tried creating a map that is 40+x79 but during runtime, it only displays the 24x79 area. Though i know that the displayed area of a logical screen is limited by the terminal screen size, maybe there’s a setting somewhere that can be modified.

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You should read about Natural’s windowing facilities.

Code, for example: SET KEY PF3=‘%W+’ named ‘DOWN’ PF4=%W-’ named’UP’

Make sure you have your PF keys activated.

Now the user can scroll up and down in your enlarged Map (which will still only show an area of 24x79 at any one time, however, the user can specify what part of the Map they wish to see).


Some links to natural’s documentation:

The “physical” display primarily depends on the screen size setting as defined to VTAM (logmode) and your TP-monitor, 3270s allow for the following:

* model 2 : 24

Right! Thank you for all your prompt reply. i’ll look into your suggestions.

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I found the answer to this issue. If you replace the ‘%’ char with ‘@’ in the SET KEY statements, it works. Go figure! Hope this helps someone else.

Hi Steve, I saw your reply, which I have tried it in my code, but I keep getting:

NAT0080 Command / program name must start with a letter.

I set the PF7/PF8 keys in my Program…

  SET KEY PF7='%W-' NAMED 'Up'
  SET KEY PF8='%W+' NAMED 'Down'

I have an External Map with a field that has a Helproutine. In that Helproutine, I define a window, and use that window for an Internal Map (INPUT WINDOW=‘HELPWIN’). This window has more choices than will display in the window, and I see the “More: +” on the top, right of the window. If I double-click the ‘+’, it scrolls down. But if I press PF8, I get the error.

It seems as though the current program is terminated, and the terminal command ‘%W+’ is invoked via the Natural stack. Because I am left at the NEXT prompt, with my terminal command shown with the error msg.

Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Peter Reale
Systems Analyst veteran (Natural newbie)

Hi Peter;

There is a Natural Parm, CF. It can be used to change the character used to indicate a Terminal Command. The default is %. Somewhere, either at the “system level”, or later on in the code (but before you get to it), CF has been changed to @.

You might want to check into this further before “hard coding” this into a system.


Thanks, Steve! I appreciate the extra info.

Peter Reale

System Analyst veteran (Natural newbie)


What if the map is created as 23100? How can I display the 20 columns toward the right of the screen?
If the Map is created with more PS and LS (than normal 24
80), is it mandatory to use the WINDOWing facility or any other logic will work to see the information (either to the left or at the bottom) on the Map?

Hi Mishra;

%w> will scroll to the right; or, you can equate it to a PF key. also %W< to scroll to the left; %W+ down, %w- up.

Windowing is the only way to effectively work with logical screens larger than the physical screen