MAP creation with PF key and Message line

I have got a doubt about my Map.

My map has 22 lines of text on it. I want my PF keys to be displayed and at the same time the message line to also is to be kept on the map.All togather it is 22+2+1= 25 lines.

What I see is 21 lines of text is displayed properly 23rd line is the PF key line and on 24th line again the text is displayed…and probably
25th line is for Message…

What I need to do to see first 22 lines of text, PF keys(2 lines), than the Message line?

To meet the requirement at the top, I need to define the Map with 25 lines or 24 is ok (with SET CONTROL ‘YS’) ?


This isn’t possible with a model2 3270, it’s got 24 lines x 80 columns only, so how should Natural display 25 lines ?

There are ways to use Natural terminal commands to “scroll” a logically larger map within the physical bounds of the terminal, but I assume this isn’t what you are looking for.

If your terminal definitions allow for maps larger than 24 x 80 define your map (in the profile settings) appropriately.

We currently have to reserve a blank line for the message line and with only 24 lines, screen real estate gets expensive.

Is it possible to use the message line to display text when it is not displaying a message then rewrite the text after the message is gone?

Will ‘Set Control MP’ allow for this functionality? Is there a way to see if the message line is protected / unprotected?


In addition to %YS, take a look at %YP and %YH. And, look at %YC which makes the keys cursor sensitive.


Sorry. I did not pay attention to the dates. I was adding a comment to the original post and answer by Mishra and Wolfgang Winter. :oops:

Try moving the message line with %M30. The message line will not appear. Also, you could set the PS=25 and %MB. In the middle of something so cannot connect to mainframe right now to write some demo code.


I thought about that approach of moving the message line ‘off screen’ and writing the error message to the screen title. I think I would prefer something cleaner.

I couldn’t find much info from the online docs explaining MP other than to toggle between protected and unprotected message line. Will %MP allow the message line be written over? (I am assuming protected is the default?) Is there a way to check if protection is on or not?

Thanks again.