rerun mywebmethods first boot

Im working on an upgrade from 6.5 to 8. We don’t use MyWeb currently so this is a clean install for this module. When you first boot MyWebmethods it will install and update some of the db tables. The problem is I forgot to take the latest DB backup after the install ran. Im working through some DB migration script errors so I had to do a DB restore. Problem is now MyWeb thinks the first boot install already ran. I need to kick back off the first boot procedure so it will update the tables again. How do I make this run again?

Use DBConfigurator and delete “MyWebMethods Product”.
After that, go to your DB Schema and remove all tables startign with C* (these are configuration tables)

and then again create fresh empty tables and give it a try…

Do you have the backup of file which is created during a clean install for the first time? If so, keep it under MWS\Server<nodename>\config folder and start the MWS. It will come up as if it is the first time, and will start populating all the tables…