Request-Reply via TN

We have a partner who is using Jakarta HTTPClient to invoke our TN URL such as:

How do I configure TN such that when I get this request, I read a xml/flat file and pass it back to the http request as a response?


Create a wrapper service that the partner invokes. Partners should normally never invoke directly.

The wrapper service can do some housekeeping if needed and pass the doc to TN for processing. The processing can then place a var in the pipeline that the wrapper can pick up and send in the response.

There are caveats to keep in mind:

  • This approach is somewhat of a hack in that the wrapper service will rely on an undeclared pipeline variable being present. This makes maintenance harder (“where the heck does the “fooDoc” come from?”).

  • The service which will read the xml/flat file and is invoked by TN processing rule must be invoked synchronously. If it is invoked async or as a service execution task then the wrapper service will never see the resulting document.

  • The reprocessing/resubmit facilities of TN will be useless in this case.


Did’nt need to do all that. Just use ‘respond With’ tab in processing rule and specify <% value [pipeline variable] %> for the response.


That’s one way to go but I think the caveats above still apply. And as covered in other threads and in this eZine article, it is recommended that partners don’t call directly. A wrapper service is really the way to go.