Report Configuration in MWS

Hi All,

I am trying for report configuration for generating reports but I am getting the SOAP Exception like server:null when I am trying to save report configuration in MWS. We are using webMethods 8.0.1.

I have checked all the configurations like analytical engine, Report server all are running successfully. Please somebody help me to configure it.

I have confusion with web server host and port. How to check web server status whether it is running or not.

I have checked the report server and web server status by using the below link http://ReportServer_host:Report- It is successful.
http://Web_server_host:Web_server_port/reporting- It is giving error like server not found.


Hi Vrushabh,

Im also trying to configure in our environment,so i have installed Report server and started the server from Programs>softweareAg>Report server…after this one command prompt is getting opened other then this its not showing anything.

Can you pls let me know is there anything that we need to configure before going to start the report server?
Also,how can we configure web server ?
Do we need to install any tables for report server to bring Report server up?

Thanks ,