Report Server - Check status

Does anyone have anyway to check the status of the Report Server to see if it’s running or not? Can I ping it or is there an api that’s provided to check the Report Server. Please let me know. Thanks.

You may refer to the documentation
on pg150 of this guild for the suggestions of how to test the report server install.

there are two methods for testing:

  1. The URL as noted for the test of the Report Server is
    http://ReportServer_host:Report Server_port/p2pd/servlet
    for example
    If the link as above doesn’t give the expected result (IBM Cognos 8 screen as shown in Install Guide) then try http://localhost:9300/

  2. The second URL for checking the install is
    This goes to the Apache web server (not the same as Tomcat). Usually Apache is on the standard port 80, but this may vary.
    So the URL to test the reporting is for example

Also please check in MWS Navigate > Applications > Administration > System-wide > Report Configuration
Reporting Server Host and Port
what is this set to? The port is usually 9300.
Web Server Host and Port
This port is by default 80.

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