Rename PC file using Entire Connection


I’m trying to rename a file stored in my PC using Entire Connection but it seems don’t work neither the REN task provided nor using DOS commands.

I use this lines:

set control ‘+’
close pc file 7
move ‘REN file1.ext file2.ext’ to #com
download pc file 7 command #com

I try this too:

move ‘DOS RENAME file1.ext file2.ext’ to #com

executing the task REN using Entire Connection menu (Utilities->Task List) neither works.

Deleting the same file is no problem with

move ‘DEL file1.ext’ to #com
move ‘DOS DELETE file1.ext’ to #com

Executing DEL task using Task List in the product menu works fine too.

I try this in following environments:
Entire Connection 4.3.1 on win2000 sp4
Entire Connection 4.5.1 on winXP sp3

file1.ext have read and write permission for all users


Hi Luis,

I have tried to reproduce your problem. All rename methods are working without problems on my Entire Connection 4.5.1 on Windows XP SP2. On another PC with Win XP SP2, I have tried the rename with Entire Connection 4.4.1Pl6 without any problems, too.


Hi Norman,

Thanks for the quick response, it’s something strange, I’ve done some more test but rename still not working, all other tasks provided with the product or written by us works fine but at the moment I’m not able to rename the file.

Thanks any way, best regards,


Hello again,

Tired of checking the REN task and DOS RENAME I tried using DOS COPY and DEL task in conjunction and everything works correctly. I can’t understand why the RENAME does not work but I don’t have more time to waste on this.

Thanks and best regards from Spain,