Entire Connection to UNIX - workfiles

I am not familiar with Entire Connection doing terminal emulation to a UNIX box - only used it to a mainframe. I believe all I have to do is set up workfiles in the Natparm and have PC=ON. I have set up the workfiles (1-5) as Entire Connection - the name is blank. Using SYSFILE it is not showing me that they are PC files. If I do %+ I get a NAT0082 - Invalid Command or Object %+ does not exist in library.
I want to use SYSOBJH and was expecting it to pop up a box asking me for the PC file. If I put the name of the PC file it tells me the file doesn’t exist. Is there something else I have to do?
NAT611 PL 12, Entire Connection

Unfortunately this won’t work because the “host” counterpart (NTC) to the emulation piece (PCC) only exists for mainframe NATURAL !

You will need to SYSOBJH to a local workfile on your UNIX box, then FTP/SCP/… it.

Thanks for your prompt reply. What puzzles me is that in the Natural documentation for Unix, there is a whole section about Natural Connection. Seems a bit strange if the product doesn’t exist for Unix! :slight_smile: I confess I hadn’t spotted it was about Natural Connection and not Entire Connection.
What does defining a work file as an Entire Connection file in the Natparms do?
Sigh - I guess we’ll just have to carry on doing FTPs.

Seems I’m wrong here, you are right, according to the documentation it should work. I apologize for that :oops:

I’ll need to try this myself and get back to you.

I assume you followed the documentation, defined the workfile as type “TRANSFER” and issued a %+ / SET CONTROL ‘+’ ?