Entire Connection 4.5.2 - Opening with Procedure name as arg

I’m banging my head against the wall on an Entire Connection problem. Every one of my users that has version 4.5.2 gets an error (described below) when I try to send it the full path of a procedure to start via command line opening of Entire Connection. I’ve seen this on several different computer configurations … including some that were working fine until Entire Connection was upgraded. All are using Windows XP, 32 bit.

The documentation says that from the command line you can give it these parameters: Username, Password, Procedure-To-Run. On every prior version of Entire Connection that I’ve seen (3-4 different versions), I’ve been able to send the full path of the procedure to run. For example, I might be calling c:\temp\getData.ncp. With 4.5.2, I get this error any time I have c:\ in the procedure name. It allows me to call getData.ncp … but then I have to have gone into the configuration and set the default path for procedure files to c:\temp, and I don’t want to have to get all of my users to do that.

There is nothing in the release notes on this topic… and they do list some Removed Features (BS2000 and Microsoft HIS server sessions). I would hope that if they intended to cease supporting this, they would have given a more graceful error message (it’s a very graceful message if you send a procedure name that does not exist).

The error message that comes up says: “The exception unknown software exception (0xc0000409) ocurred in the application at location 0x0041a258.”

Note that I’m also passing the user name and password and “te” which seems to kick off the terminal emulation session.

Also, I’ve done this experiment with a simple shortcut … make the shortcut say “…\PCCTerminal.exe” username password te getdata.ncp and it works fine. add c:\temp\ to the path of getdata.ncp, and it fails.

Any ideas?

I tested this with Entire Connection and it works fine.

Please note that you can only use one task or procedure in the startup parameters of PCCTerminal.exe. So the task “te” is already a task and getdata.ncd is one parameter too much in this case. If this worked in earlier versions of Entire Connection, this seems to be a coincidence to me.

So if you call the TE task inside the procedure, then it should work fine.