Entrie Connection 4.3.2 on Windows 8

I am trying to download data from the mainframe to my PC in Windows 8. I am getting an Error 1500
"Open for :1: file :2: failed :3:’. The same program is able to perform the download in Windows 7.
Is this a Windows 8 compatibility issue?

Principally it works. I tested successfully download and upload with PCC 4.3.2 on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 running against Natural 4.2.

Nevertheless it can be a compatibility issue because PCC 4.3.2 was only released for the following platforms:

Microsoft Windows NT 4 with service pack 6 or a higher service pack *, or
Microsoft Windows 98 plus the DCOM update for Windows 98, or
Microsoft Windows 2000 (Datacenter is not supported) *, or
Microsoft Windows Me, or
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition or Professional (32 bit). Fast user switching is not supported *.

  • No terminal server support.

I have problem with entire connection 4.3.2. It does not show the menu bar with Session|Edit|View|.
Could it be a corrupt share file or something else?

For the menu bar problem delete the following registry key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Software AG\Entire Connection\Entire Connection Terminal

This should reset the menu bar to it’s original position.