Entire connection fails to establish connection with PC

I am trying to upload a PC CSV file via Entire connection using Natural. When the UPLOAD PC file statement is executed, The Entire X software fails with multiple errors. The errors screenshots are attached.
The current version we are using is
And we haven’t changed anything in Natural code. Can anyone please help me?

Entire X errors.docx (300 KB)

Hello Reet,
please provide a sample Excel file containing the CSV data and a small Natural program that shows how to reproduce the problem.

Hello juergen,
Sample Code which fails and produce error is below -
Definition of data is -

2 #UF-Field1 A10
R 2 #UF-Field1
3 #UF-Field1-Red A3
2 #UF-Field2 A8
2 #UF-Field3 A13
2 #UF-Field4 A50
2 #UF-Field5 A15
R 2 #UF-Field5
3 #UF-Field5-Red A8
2 #UF-Field6 A3
2 #UF-Field7 A15
R 2 #UF-Field7
3 #UF-Field7-Red A8
2 #UF-Field8 A3
2 #UF-Field9 A25

Code -


I cannot attach CSV file as it is not letting me to but below is what data looks like -
172111 AM65 8405.07 ABCD
172113 B304X 9038.37 ABCD
172331 B304X 4106.47 ABCD
176545 B304X 4436.72 ABCD

is there anyway I can debug the script when UPLOAD statement tries to establish connection with PC?


I’ve tested this with the newest version of Entire Coonection and with the same version like yours. Both worked ok. No problem found.

Could you please create the following trace with PCC 4524 in order to have a trace from the situation which works not ok?

  1. Enable tracing in Configuration Manager before starting the Entire Connection Terminal: in “Session Properties” on page “Test” of the host session set option “Enable communication trace” to ON (Option 1 and 2 are not needed)
  2. Start Entire Connection Terminal using the configured session and run Natural
  3. Before running the up or download program press CTRL+X. Character ‘X’ appears on the right side of the status line to show that xfer trace in ON
  4. Run the Natural program to up or download data (until error appears)
  5. End Natural and close Entire Connection Terminal
  6. Check in the “Log & trace directory” (the name of the directory can be found in “Configuration Manager … / User properties / Procedure / Log & trace directory”) for trace files like “MONxx.TRC” (xx is an increasing number) and “XFER.TRC”. Zip the directory with the monitor trace files and send it.
  7. Reset the monitor trace in Configuration Manager and clean the “Log & trace directory”

Reet - be aware that you have only supplied a snippet and not actual code. This makes it difficult to identify the actual issue, which could be a small syntax difference that impacts your code.

Please copy and paste your whole code using Code delimiters

natural code goes here

(use “Post a reply” button rather than the Quick Reply area and use the “Code” button to start/end your code block)

Also, the sample data you supply

  1. does not have any commas (does your input file have commas?)
  2. has only 4 input fields, but your data definition has 9 input fields. Are there actually 9 input fields per line or only 4?

Try renaming your csv sample as .txt and that should be able to upload to the forum.

Hello Douglas,
since when I debug the code, it fails on this specific line UPLOAD PC FILE , so I have provided this line.
As soon as We execute this line, the Entire connection fails with the errors attached in word file I attached in first post.
It does not let me choose any spreadsheet, the Entire connections gets terminated before letting me choose the file to upload.

Answers to your questions -

  1. yes it has commas and 4 fields in file has commas and rest of the fields are non mandatory fields. so it will look like below
    172111,AM65,8405.07,ABCD ,X,Y,Z,D,Z

  2. total 9 out of which last 5 can be blank as well.

There is something else I want to mention that we have upgraded the version of existing add in of Microsoft excel. The add in is called Smart view and its oracle product. Since we have got new version of smart view add in installed, the Entire connection application has started terminating with unexpected error. I am not sure, how this oracle product is clashing with Entire connection.


Can you see the actual abend that is occurring on the mainframe? If your mainframe session is being terminated, check the syslogs for the time the error occurs.

A NAT0954 indicates that an abend has occurred. General assumption has been that you are getting a S0C7 (data exception), but this doesn’t sound like a situation where you would get a S0C7 - your UPLOAD statement is only reading one A275 string.