Using Excel 2010 VB with Entire Connection 4.5 to Read/Write

Hi everyone,

I am fairly new to Entire Connection. We are currently running EC 4.5 to connect to an IBM mainframe.

I need to write a script that can read and write to the IBM mainframe based on information contained in the cells of an Excel file.

For example, I have an excel workbook with a list of names in the first column. I need to cycle through that list of names and write them to the IBM mainframe. As each name cycles through, I need to read from the IBM mainframe and write back to the second column of the Excel file.

I am good with writing the code to cycle through the Excel columns, I am just having problems trying to figure out how to “connect” to Entire Connection using Excel VB.

In the past, I’ve used an older version of Rocket’s BlueZone, where once you initially configured the program, connecting to it in VB and reading/writing was as simple as something like this:

Dim Host As WhllObj
Set Host = CreateObject(“BZWhll.WhllObj”)
Retval = Host.Connect(“A”)

Host.WriteScreen “1234”, 3, 11
Host.SendKey “@E
Host.WaitReady 30, 1

Host.ReadScreen GetVal, 1, 1, 2

Is there some sort of documentation that will walk me through how to connect and how to read/write using VB and Entire Connection?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!